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Din Rail Mount

Surface Mount Rackmount Conduit Mount


Din Line Surge Protectors - Wallmount


B Series

2,4,8, Wire, Wall Mount
Screw Terminal

B180, B280 & B480 series wall mountable surge protectors have been designed to protect your sensitive telephone, datacom and instrumentation equipment against harmful lightning surges and electrical transients.

Data Sheet (B Series)


E Series

16-64 Wire, Wallmount
Screw Terminal, QC66, ATT110

The E280 concept is based on the use of plug-in modules to protect
telecom and data lines. The E280 line covers all multi-line telephone
(PBX) and data installation configurations: there is an E280 module that is suitable to support for every type data line and/or ac power line to 220Vac.

Data Sheet (BN FPSU MMD)
Data Sheet (E280 Series)







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